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Descanso Creatives Writers' Retreat  
Vintage Oaks Farm, Wimberley, Texas

The Art of the Finish: From Inspiration to Publication
Dreaming Ahead - 2023 and Beyond...

Descanso--an intentional rest or pause to catch one's breath before continuing the journey.
Eileen S. (“Chick”) Morgan, Ph.D.--Descanso Director of Programs
Eileen S. ("Chick") Morgan, Ph.D.

Eileen S. (“Chick”) Morgan, Ph.D. is a Vision Manifester, New York Cabaret Performer, Singer Songwriter, Author and Organizational Strategist who has spent a career helping corporations and large non-profits create bold visions and execute flawlessly to bring them into being. She has done that in her own life as a New York cabaret performer, published author, writer, and song writer, all of which began as just a dream and a “wild longing….” Chick brings all of her international experience, including being raised in a military family with international assignments, as an executive in an international banking organization running global projects, creating and managing her own international organizational strategy implementation company, and running international educational travel and cultural exchange programs, to her position with Descanso Creatives. “Living in the Arts is my primary focus at this stage of my life,” says Chick, “and I am thrilled to be able to live that focus with Descanso Creatives, our incredible participants, and with this amazing team.” Learn more about Chick here.


To contact Chick:  morganphdiva@me. com/203-451-9051

    Chick Morgan, Ph.D.
         "The PhDiva"
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