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Descanso--an intentional rest or pause to catch one's breath before continuing the journey.

ITALY 2018

May 16th - 23rd, 2018

At Villa Sabolini, Colle Val d'Elsa, Italy.

"Writing Life from the Five Senses", 

Memoir, Song, Poetry and Fiction.

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September 1st - 8th, 2019

At Clone House, in County Wicklow, Ireland.

"Magic and Mysticism: Writing in the Thin Places".

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September 12th - 19th, 2021

In beautiful Bordeaux, France, famous for producing world-class wine since the first century. "The Art of the Finish: get it done, get it edited, get it out".


You will take these photos!

Here's what our participant writers are saying....

...about the food and lodging...

"Superb! A lot of care went into choosing such idyllic retreat locations! Bravo!"

...about the quality of inspiration...


"Originally I signed up to accompany my partner, knowing she would enjoy the experience. Little did I know that I would soon be immersed in my own writing.This was life-changing." 

"Wow! I never imagined I would come home so inspired!" 

"If you have ever dreamed of dignifying your own creativity--this is the way to do it."

...about the group experience and leadership...


"The small group, the relaxed schedule, the personal attention--unbeatable."

"I learned the difference between a writer and a non writer is that the writer DOES it. So now I have a writing habit."

...about the music...

"Somehow the morning cello meditation time got me writing every day.  What a surprise!"


Picture yourself in Southern France with us.







Looking forward to being in touch,

Chick Morgan, Ph.D.

Eileen S. (“Chick”) Morgan, Ph.D.

Director of Programs

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